Classics Make Life Better

Classics Make Life Better

Fact: life is just easier with classics in your wardrobe. When you’re jumping out of bed at o-dark-thirty in the morning and don’t have the time to throw together your outfit for the day, classics make life better. They complement absolutely everything you own (even your wildest and trendiest pieces), are super flattering, and they’re just one less thing you have to worry about going out of style. So let’s hear it for the tried and true “classics”… the understated luxury we’ll always have a place in our hearts for.

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clear lens glasses

fake glasses

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Time Travel

Time Travel

 Find the glasses here!

Get ready to time travel. We’re taking you back to previous decades that influenced today’s current trends from 50’s bands to the Hollywood icon fashion trends of the 60’s. Blogger Camila Cediel takes her inspiration from these eras with great enthusiasm while also styling them in such a way that keeps her looks from looking like she’s on her way to a costume party.

clear lens glasses

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Camila is channeling her inner 60’s spirit with distressed jean cutoffs, an easy graphic T and a pair of chunky clear lens wayfarer glasses. Keeping the look super simple is what helps give it a more authentic 60’s vibe. Camila’s look is undoubtedly super comfy and on point with currents trends as well, and wouldn’t be complete without her long tussled curls.

fake glasses


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Holiday Getaways


Summer will be here before you know it. And all talk around the office has turned to places to go, things to do and what to pack for our respective holiday getaways. The only necessity is fun, whether it be in the city, the mountains, beach…heck, even a weekend family reunion in the park sounds pretty magical right now (see below).

 Summertime calls for a plethora of new sunglasses. Shop the entire WCS collection here.

holiday getaways


Some of us are counting down the minutes until a we head off to the heart of Paris Here’s where you’ll find us starting our summer with a bang.

round sunglasses

 While others are heading to Malibu to master the fine art of balancing tropical fruit drinks and shrimp tacos while working on their golden tans.


vintage sunglasses

 Malaga Spain by the ocean in the summertime is about as dreamy as it gets. 

designer sunglasses

Our thoughtful (did we mention awesome) warehouse manager surprised his gal with an escape to the Caribbean for their two-year anniversary. They’re sure to be making attempts at windsurfing, but definitely triumphing at yummy brunches and sunbathing on the beach.

wayfarer sunglasses

 Family reunions in the Dirty South with plenty of BBQ, whiskey and chocolate fudge cake are on the agenda for others.

mirrored sunglasses


replica designer sunglasses




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Woodstock Vibes

Admit it. The fun starts even before a music festival by listening to killer tunes while packing your bags full of awesome accessories and total babe outfits. And whether your fantasies include dancing in the rolling fields or jamming out in the tents, we’ve got your stylish eyes covered.
Woodstock vibes


1970 sunglasses

Channel the ultimate 70’s free spirit with Shelby vintage sunglasses or Ogle small round shades. You can never pack too many pairs of sunnies , so be sure to throw in some Stimson vintage metal clubmasters and our absolute faves, the Lennon round mirrored specs.


VW Bus


vintage round sunglasses


Not feelin’ the Woodstock vibes? Start your festival goddess look with a pair of metal clubmasters. Just remember to continue the look with a floral crown, native graphic T and an armful of colorful bangles.

metal clubmaster sunglasses


vintage clubmasters

Unquestionably more free love then flower power, Chicks of the 70’s had the whole bad girl, bohemian sexpot look perfected. We’re unapologetically coveting her round mirrored shades & wild waves.


round lennon sunglasses

round mirrored sunglasses



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Clear Fake Glasses: From The Land of GeekChic

Hot news right off the press from the land of GeekChic: round clear lens glasses are a big deal for Spring. Sprint, dash, hop the subway –do anything but stroll to snag your very own pair. Everybody who’s anybody’s on board when it comes to this mega popular trend.  A pair of clear fake glasses would be a great option if you want to switch up your image once in a while. But don’t start stressing ‘cuz you don’t have to commit to making this your everyday style. If you want the look but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a pair of designer frames, WCS has a huge selection of super affordable options.

Shop the WCS round Prepster glasses  here.

Clear Fake Glasses

 Photos courtesy of

round fake glasses


vintage round glasses


nonprescription glasses

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Color Blind

color blind

Being color blind shouldn’t necessarily be considered a negative thing, which is really excellent news since recently, we’ve been spotting the hottest international fashion trendsetters on the city streets in nothing but black and white ensembles. Uncover your inner style, the yin to your yang, with our new arrival Spring collection of basic monochrome sunglasses and clear lens fashion glasses. And you’ll definitely be turning heads and stopping traffic in no time in black and white and extremely hot all over.

Shop All Monochrome Black New Arrival Sunglasses

black sunglasses


Shop All Monochrome White New Arrival Sunglasses

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Fashion Future

fashion future


This month, we’re looking through clear lens glasses to foretell your fashion future —so you’ll be all spectacular, with no faux-pas. Stay at the top of your game the entire year, especially since it’s going to be packed with plenty of new adventures and discoveries. And find your favorite essential power eye wear (because you can navigate almost anything that comes your way when you’re strutting a head-turning outfit), wayfarers, round frames, and more. Let’s say adieu, or good riddance, to 2014 and ring in the new year with welcoming arms. Bring it, 2015! 


clear lens glasses

 Shop the Wholesale Celebshades Clear Lens Glasses Spring 2015 Collection here!

fake glasses

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Seeing Double

seeing double

20/20 vision could seem like it’s a good thing. But, believe it or not, there are benefits to seeing double. WCS has the solution that

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revamps glasses into accessories that will delight even your deepest animal instincts. For us, it’s all about the process of developing personal style, a progression that creates the feeling of being a character in your own movie. And apparently, tons of people are looking for their alter ego. WCS style glasses have accentuated the images of a few members of the furry variety. And they’re sure to delight the human-kind as well. Head on over to our clear lens glasses collection and check out all the brand new styles!

Shop the entire collection here.

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Fake Clear Lens Glasses

  fake clear lens glasses   You might think putting together a look incorporating fake clear lens glasses is easy, but the pros know better—especially with the wide selection of shapes like wayfarer skinny frames, square and round shapes, not to mention the new retro oversize styles that have become mega popular over the

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past few seasons. We asked our go-to beauty heroine, A Fashion Nerd’s Amy Roiland, for some killer tips that’ll have your eyes looking super sexy for the holidays.

Shop our entire line of fake clear lens glasses here!

clear lens glasses

Never take yourself too seriously and make iconic moments of your own…everyday. From the early days when wayfarers first came on the scene they started a major fashion ruckus. And now the pairing options are infinite, whether with a flannel hat and bright red lipstick or a sexy little floral mini…or both.

Shop all Wholesale Celebshades fake glasses now.

wayfarer glasses

Always go full force in clear lens glasses. That’s the only way we know how—with good travel plans, beautiful furry friends, and a whole lot of planned adventure, of course.


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Pure Genius

pure genius

Sporting a pair of Wholesale Celebshades Executive clear lens glasses, nubby wool beret, and flyaway hair which falls bluntly below her angled chin, Amy Roiland arrives at her most recent outdoor photo shoot looking like a pure genius. Or a girl who just wants to have fun. (But let’s be completely forthright, the two are pretty much synonymous.) More important than her catwalk-ready smokey eyes and sleek figure, Amy is the young CEO behind Fashion Tap, an internet source for fashion bloggers, designers and models to collaborate and network. Be sure and check out her work here

fake glasses

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