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Linda Linda is a fixture in L.A.’s local music scene. Along with performing, she also writes and produces music. Oh and, did we forget to mention that she has performed with Julio Iglesias? We recently caught up with the multi-talented singer and blogger babe to chat about all things creative, her favorite perfect romantic date place, pies to die for and a little photo shoot with our girl Linda complete in a pair of our Grace Vintage cat eye sunglasses. Read more below:

all things creative

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WCS:  Do you have a special or unique talent/hobby/interest? If so, please give us all the details.

Linda:  I like to draw and make really colorful, detailed somewhat crazy art.

WCS:  What is your funniest experience ever?

Linda:  That’s a really hard question. Two years ago though when we were celebrating my birthday, a friend of mine found a pretty decent sized tree laying on Hollywood blvd that he decided to bring along on our walk to another venue. He then got into an epic tug of war with a random guy over this stupid tree. It was hilarious and the pictures I got were so good!

WCS:  How have you been spending your summer?

Linda:  I spent a lot of time this summer with my family which was really nice. Plenty of trips to the beach and lots of great food.


grace cat eye sunglasses


WCS:  What is one interesting thing about you that you want to share with our readers?

Linda:  I am a singer, songwriter and producer. I can spend hours in the studio writing and programming sounds.

WCS:  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Linda:  It would probably be the time I sang a duet with Julio Iglesias. I got the call on a Friday, got on a plane to Bulgaria on Sunday to audition in person, then had two days to learn the song before heading to Egypt where we performed. It was very surreal but such an amazing experience.

WCS:  Tell us a bit about your hometown and best kept secrets for entertainment, night life and restaurants.

Linda:  There’s a lot of really cool places here in Los Angeles and I constantly discover new gems. My favorite cafe though is Aroma cafe in Studio City. It’s super cute and their pies are to die for! There’s a lot of really amazing restaurants but one I really like is The Little Door on 3rd street. It is a French restaurant and the perfect romantic date place. I always get the duck there and chocolate cake for dessert. I prefer going to bars with my friends over night clubs because I like to be able to have a conversation. Villain’s Tavern in Downtown is always a good time. They serve delicious cocktails and there’s always different live bands that play blue grass music on the outdoor patio.

cat eye sunglasses

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Playing Games

Dress them up or dress them all the way down—either way, Wholesale Celebshades’ Vamp retro cat eye sunglasses are all about giving you a supreme lift. Our newest blogger babe, Linda Lind, styled these sleek cat eye shades specifically with YOUR eyes in mind, “I hate looking just like the next girl,” she says. “I want unique statement eyewear that conforms to my current mood. I’m not playing amateur games here.” So recently we caught up with Linda to get a glimpse of her incredible singing talent. And needless to say we were super impressed! Check her latest awe-mazing music video below!

Playing Games In Vamp Cat Eye Shades

playing games


cat eye sunglasses

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Too Cool For School: Meet Hannah Riles

Even if you’re too cool for school, we think you need to cialis com viagra meet Hannah Riles, a personal style blogger (and apparel merchandising major at Auburn University) who definitely knows how to put together a head-turning-campus-ready look. We recently caught up with the adorable co-ed to chat her up about life in a small Alabama town, the Jonas Brothers and other ah-mazing info they don’t teach you in school! Read more below:

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too cool for school


WCS: What activities are you involved in outside of personal style blogging?
Hannah: I’m currently a full time student majoring in Apparel Merchandising at Auburn University, so the majority of my time outside of blogging is spent studying. Beyond that, I’m a huge music lover, so if I have some free time, I love catching a concert. I’ll also jump at any chance I get to travel.

WCS: What is your cialis pills for sale funniest experience ever?
Hannah: I’m not sure about funniest, but definitely the most unexpected experience was being cast in the Jonas Brothers’ music video for “Pom Poms.” That’s me in the orange dress!

WCS: How have you viagra over the counter been spending your summer?
Hannah: My summer has primarily consisted of spending time with my family with some various vacations thrown in here and there.

WCS: What is one interesting thing about you that you want to share with our readers?
Hannah: My second love is definitely interior decorating, specifically dealing in antiques. In my opinion, the older a furnishing is and the more story it holds, the better.

WCS: Tell us a bit about your hometown and best kept secrets for entertainment, night life and restaurants.
Hannah: I live in an extremely small town in Alabama. So small, in fact, that we viagra price comparison usa just recently got our online pharmacy viagra second stop light! In my hometown, the best way to spend a night is with a bunch of friends around a campfire.

round designer sunglasses

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Obsession Of The Week: Allen Stone

obsession allen stone

The art of the music video is alive and well. And one of our favorite artists, Allen Stone, is still making them in the strangest of places; need we say they’re just getting more creative with each new performance. And now, with an impressive label deal with Capitol Records to his credit, the “Figure It Out” singer is back with a vengeance and a live recording of his new single, which is a lovely teaser for Stone’s upcoming debut. Really, do we even have to mention that this record is an exercise in excellence? And here is our obsession of the week, Allen Stone singing “Million”. 



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Meet Melissa Creider: Retro Rocker


retro rocker

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Melissa Creider definitely doesn’t take herself too seriously…. in clearly every facet of her life. And there’s no doubt she’s a party girl who loves hanging with her best girls. This super cute, self proclaimed retro rocker, spends her nights gigging and making albums with her band. She’s also a classically trained pianist and a personal style blogger who is best known for her quirky fashion sense: think hot pink fur coats and statement eyewear. We recently caught up with Ms. M and chatted her up about her life as a band chick, her craziest experiences and how she creates her unique outfits. Read more below:


round clear lens glasses

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WCS: Which pieces of your wardrobe do you usually start with first when putting your outfits together?
Melissa: Whichever piece I’m most inspired by or just reeeallly wanna wear!! Sometimes I even start with a pair of sunglasses or jewelry!
WCS: What is your favorite everyday “go-to” fashion piece?
Melissa: A crop top for sure!! It’s just fun and flirty 🙂
WCS: How would you describe your fashion style?
Melissa: Retro Rocker with a touch of fantasy and crazy
WCS: What is one interesting thing about you that you want to share with our readers?
Melissa: I learned to swim last summer so I could go snorkeling in Hawaii…and lived to tell about it!
WCS: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Melissa: Sky Diving..also equally the best experience EVER
the mosaic quartet
WCS: Tell us about your band? How long have you been together? What genre is your music? What are some interesting facts about the other members of the band?
Melissa: My band is called The Mosaic Quartet, and we call our style progressive art-pop….really what that means is we write uplifting, energizing music that blends modern styles with classical music! That’s right, 3 of us went to college to become classical pianists! We’ve been together for about 3 years now and are based out of San Diego, CA

Here’s some interesting facts about the other members in the group:
Chetan, The Pianist: Is a big time Yamaha artist, and he competed in the world’s most prestigious piano competition, The Van Cliburn Competition..He’s also king of drama.
JB, The Lead Singer: Likes chocolate. Sings in the shower.  In 6th grade, kids called him rooster because his hair stuck up funny.
Pat, The Drummer: Is the most interesting human you will ever meet, and he likes fancy beers and pizza!

round glasses


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Singers, Musicians and Bands – WANTED!



WANTED: Singers, Musicians and Bands!

We don’t believe in doing most things the traditional way—especially when it comes to hooking up with musicians. It takes some creative ideas to hook up with this certified group of weirdos. And for our latest promotion, we’re stopping at nothing—to find our next up-and-coming singers, musicians and bands to feature all over our website, social media networks and interviews on our company blog. via social media and just puttin’ the word out to tell the world how ah-mazing you are.

That’s right guys and gals! Send us an email at for more information and be sure to tell us why you want to be featured on our website.

Check us out at

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Studio Soundtracks: Luke Wade And No Civilians

luke wade


Luke Wade describes himself as a “musician as well as a student of what works (and what doesn’t) as an entertainer in the music industry.” And we couldn’t agree with his self-assessment more. He’s just come back from a demanding 2-year stint crossing the country with only his guitar to keep him company and has gained a true insider’s look at the realities of being a full time musician and better defined himself as an artist and where he wants to go from here. Disregarding the fact that he is a extraordinarily talented singer/songwriter, who has been compared to artists like Bon Iver and Ray LaMontagne, no one’s saying Wade’s already hit it big. He’s just getting going. But he’s all-in, 100% devoted to his music, in his craft, and in music at its most creative, spiritual, and primal level. He is anything but pretentious and has his sights on other goals besides money and fame. In fact, every penny of the proceeds on his new album,The River , will go to Cook Children’s Child Life Zone. Speaking of his new album… the 30-year-old Dublin, Texas, native and his backing band, Luke Wade and No Civilians, have just released a brilliant new album, The River, the long awaited labor of love and the follow-up to their 2010 debut album,Tomorrow’s Ghosts.

Check out

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the new single from Luke’s new album The River.

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Lianne La Havas – Is your love big enough?



lianne la havas

There are only two words to describe British singer Lianne La Havas: badass babe. You’d never know this multi-talented soul singer/multi-instrumentalist only came on the music scene seriously in 2011 since she’s already won iTunes best album of the year for 2012. – if that’s not impressive enough, she’s played a ton of major music venues both in Europe and in the U.S. And we’ve been crushin’ on her since her debut at Dallas House of Blues.  So, this Spring she’s making the music festival scene over in the U.K. and we decided to share her hottest single to date, Is your love big enough in case you haven’t yet had the good fortune to check out her music.


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