Cool Weather Chic

Cool Weather Chic

With Autumn just around the corner we’re so ready to dress ourselves with mirrored sunnies, casual jeans, tiny florals and lightweight military jackets. Blogger Katerina does cool weather chic to a perfect “T”. She looks effortlessly cool with a look that shows her relaxed sense of style.

Keep it simple and casual with our new arrival cool weather eyewear inspirations.

Aviator Sunglasses


Not sure which shades to wear? Go with a the classics in those times of doubt! Katerina does an amazing job keeping it chic in a pair of go-to mirrored aviators. Add a little ethnic jewelry and an oversize bag and, voila you’re Fall ready!


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Tomboy Style

Tomboy Style


Some of our all-time favorite clothing and accessory styles are borrowed from the guys – boyfriend jackets and loose fit jeans, classic white t-shirts and YES, the ever popular flip-up style shades. This summer we’re adding just a tiny hint of tomboy style to all of our hot weather escapades ‘cuz we want to be ready for any adventure at the drop of a hat. But we also want to stop traffic while hitting the highway. For super hot tomboy style flip-ups that are effortlessly cool, stop by our site and check it out!

Shop All Flip-Ups Here!

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On The Prowl

On The Prowl

We’re all about making a notable statement, especially when it comes to our sunglasses. From retro to vintage, we’re always on the prowl for a new spin on something old that gives us a fresh perspective. Right now we can’t get enough of all things cat eye. Rounded cat eye styles rule everything around us while throwing a casual weekend look into the mix makes everything and anything fun sound like the best idea EVER. Seriously, it’s time for you to pounce on the cat eye craze before it gets any hotter.

Shop all cat eye sunglasses styles for Summer.

cat eye sungalsses 2015


vintage sunglasses


 Photos courtesy of Kolorowadusza

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Tell It Like It Is


Tell It Like It Is

While many of us keep our thoughts to ourselves, we’re still dreaming of speaking what’s really on our minds and fulfilling all of our feelings of being heard. We’ve caught the fever and we’re itching to tell it like it is from the forest to the beach (’cause who doesn’t love to let off a little steam?). Lucky for us, we’ve got some killer shades to make us feel all bold and everything with a strong message of conviction…even if we are sitting around watching The flowers bloom all day!

Tell it like it is in graphic shades!

cross my heart sunglasses
Photos courtesy of Cleosee


stick a needle in my eye sunglasses

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Holiday Getaways


Summer will be here before you know it. And all talk around the office has turned to places to go, things to do and what to pack for our respective holiday getaways. The only necessity is fun, whether it be in the city, the mountains, beach…heck, even a weekend family reunion in the park sounds pretty magical right now (see below).

 Summertime calls for a plethora of new sunglasses. Shop the entire WCS collection here.

holiday getaways


Some of us are counting down the minutes until a we head off to the heart of Paris Here’s where you’ll find us starting our summer with a bang.

round sunglasses

 While others are heading to Malibu to master the fine art of balancing tropical fruit drinks and shrimp tacos while working on their golden tans.


vintage sunglasses

 Malaga Spain by the ocean in the summertime is about as dreamy as it gets. 

designer sunglasses

Our thoughtful (did we mention awesome) warehouse manager surprised his gal with an escape to the Caribbean for their two-year anniversary. They’re sure to be making attempts at windsurfing, but definitely triumphing at yummy brunches and sunbathing on the beach.

wayfarer sunglasses

 Family reunions in the Dirty South with plenty of BBQ, whiskey and chocolate fudge cake are on the agenda for others.

mirrored sunglasses


replica designer sunglasses




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Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

We’re not talking about Belle Starr’s wild West, but more like a Calamity Jane heroic version of the western frontier! A true cowgirl’s effortless fashion statement is making a dramatic return and it’s not this iconic look’s first rodeo. New twists on understated western trends are showing up everywhere from small country towns to sleek city streets, with felt cowboy hats, western boots, plaid work shirts, Indian-inspired necklaces and super sexy stockings.

If you know Muchacha Mary, you also know she’s not averse to risk. So she decided to take this whole western thing to the next level and go for a more modern look by rocking leopard print, pointed blood-red nails, and a pair of round retro shades as her statement piece. But if you’re not ready to make a full commitment to the look just yet, then shout it out in a pair of Bentley Metal Visor sunglasses with your favorite denim, platform booties, silver bangles and a smokin’ hot red lipstick.

Find the Bentley Metal Visor Sunglasses here.

Round Visor Sunglasses

 Here’s some motivation to pull from.  Hey, you could even realize you’re more of a western gal than you ever thought possible!

round metal sunglasses

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Meet Jenny and Pablo

jenny and pablo In celebration of warmer days to come (and Friday!), we had our new friends Jenny and Pablo, awesome Pennsylvania-based personal style bloggers over at JennyandPablog, put together a mix that’s perfect for relaxing weekend road trips, strolling in the rolling hills of the countryside, and outright adventure-seeking. So, grab a fruit smoothy, some sunshine and shades, and just scroll down to check out these ultimate Spring fashion inspirations for guys and gals. cat eye sunglasses   vintage cat eye sunglasses

Jenny – decked out for the weekend in a pair of Grace Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses.

jennyandpablog 586b

Meet Jenny and Pablo

vintage sunglasses

Pablo – ready for wild

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adventures out there on the open road in a pair of Rebel Flat Bridge Sunglasses.

round sunglasses   flat bridge sunglasses

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Woodstock Vibes

Admit it. The fun starts even before a music festival by listening to killer tunes while packing your bags full of awesome accessories and total babe outfits. And whether your fantasies include dancing in the rolling fields or jamming out in the tents, we’ve got your stylish eyes covered.
Woodstock vibes


1970 sunglasses

Channel the ultimate 70’s free spirit with Shelby vintage sunglasses or Ogle small round shades. You can never pack too many pairs of sunnies , so be sure to throw in some Stimson vintage metal clubmasters and our absolute faves, the Lennon round mirrored specs.


VW Bus


vintage round sunglasses


Not feelin’ the Woodstock vibes? Start your festival goddess look with a pair of metal clubmasters. Just remember to continue the look with a floral crown, native graphic T and an armful of colorful bangles.

metal clubmaster sunglasses


vintage clubmasters

Unquestionably more free love then flower power, Chicks of the 70’s had the whole bad girl, bohemian sexpot look perfected. We’re unapologetically coveting her round mirrored shades & wild waves.


round lennon sunglasses

round mirrored sunglasses



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Fashion Future

fashion future


This month, we’re looking through clear lens glasses to foretell your fashion future —so you’ll be all spectacular, with no faux-pas. Stay at the top of your game the entire year, especially since it’s going to be packed with plenty of new adventures and discoveries. And find your favorite essential power eye wear (because you can navigate almost anything that comes your way when you’re strutting a head-turning outfit), wayfarers, round frames, and more. Let’s say adieu, or good riddance, to 2014 and ring in the new year with welcoming arms. Bring it, 2015! 


clear lens glasses

 Shop the Wholesale Celebshades Clear Lens Glasses Spring 2015 Collection here!

fake glasses

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Vintage Retro Sunglasses

vintage retro sunglasses


Vintage retro has always been an intrinsic part of Wholesale Celebshades and recently, we’ve got a lot of it. So for some insight on the evolution behind our latest eye wear collection, we consulted our girl Chelsea Dennis (better known as our favorite A-list vintage and retro personal style blogger), Chelseaden. It probably comes as no surprise that it’s all about, “evolve,evolve,evolve” says Chelsea. “All things change and all things must change. This is something I’m slowly coming to terms with and will probably continue coming to terms with for the rest of my life”. And like Chelsea, we know fashion is constantly changing and unfolding from one retro look from yesteryear to the next. She is constantly rummaging flea markets and vintage stores for vintage wash and fit sentiment. And she also looks to eye wear style icons like the Olsens, Jackie O, and Audrey Hepburn for design reference.

Read on to see more of Chelsea’s latest look for your own vintage retro sunglasses inspiration in the new year.

vintage sunglasses

 Find our entire Spring 2015 vintage retro sunglasses collection here.

retro sunglasses

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