Tell It Like It Is


Tell It Like It Is

While many of us keep our thoughts to ourselves, we’re still dreaming of speaking what’s really on our minds and fulfilling all of our feelings of being heard. We’ve caught the fever and we’re itching to tell it like it is from the forest to the beach (’cause who doesn’t love to let off a little steam?). Lucky for us, we’ve got some killer shades to make us feel all bold and everything with a strong message of conviction…even if we are sitting around watching The flowers bloom all day!

Tell it like it is in graphic shades!

cross my heart sunglasses
Photos courtesy of Cleosee


stick a needle in my eye sunglasses

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Sweet Cravings

Sweet Cravings


Dreamy sweets and black designer sunglasses are a match made in sugar-coated heaven.


Looks like the word is out about WCS’s collective sweet cravings—and about our sugary sweet collab with personal style blogger Aika of Aika’s Love Closet—so the altruistic confectioners from around the globe reunite in this salute to the All-American cupcake. We couldn’t resist flaunting all of these awesome candy embellished creations—check it out!

black sunglasses

Yummy oreos covered up in cupcake sure do go down effortlessly. While we’re busy modeling our new for Spring collection of non-fat sunnies, we may or may not also be sneaking a few sweet treats to match. Chocolate on the inside and out—totally.

chocolate cupcakes


Sweet Cravings







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Seeing Double

seeing double

20/20 vision could seem like it’s a good thing. But, believe it or not, there are benefits to seeing double. WCS has the solution that

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revamps glasses into accessories that will delight even your deepest animal instincts. For us, it’s all about the process of developing personal style, a progression that creates the feeling of being a character in your own movie. And apparently, tons of people are looking for their alter ego. WCS style glasses have accentuated the images of a few members of the furry variety. And they’re sure to delight the human-kind as well. Head on over to our clear lens glasses collection and check out all the brand new styles!

Shop the entire collection here.

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Awesome Quotes: Just Sayin’

awesome quotes This week’s words of wisdom come courtesy of Baron Von Fancy, the royal master of awesome quotes. Because we’re all about going with the flow and reveling in the good times, too. Follow the

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Baron for more of his cheeky insights @baronvonfancy.

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This Week’s Attention Grabbers: Top Five Things We Loved

This quote motivated us first thing Monday morning! What a way to start the week with a great reminder.

attention grabbers

Cat eyes…50’s glasses!! Gotta love em’. . . have you ever owned a pair of these? . . . loved ’em then and love ’em now! . . .Find the Wholesale Celebshades Sunglasses Fall collection here.

cat eye glasses

How Well Do You Remember Lyrics From 15 Years Ago?

Looking purr-fect in your cat eye shades!

cat eye sunglasses

Which do you prefer? CD’s or vinyl?

vinyl records

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Top Five Things We Loved This Week

We decided to put together a visual of our top five things we loved this week. This was no easy task as there were so many happening things going on in the universe as of late. But we were able to narrow it down just for you!

1. The History Of Tattoos

top five things we loved this week

Because tattoos are not only an awesome way to freedom of expression, they’re a true art form!

2. Noir Fairy

flip up sunglasses

Because this look with Noir Fairy showing off her Wholesale Celebshades flip up shades, pretty pastel purple locks and white

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“nurse-like” dress is cute while also being borderline morbid.

3. Walls With a Message


Because apparently we’re dreamers and we’re not the only ones.

4. Sophia Loren

sophia loren

Because Sophia is our idea of the ultimate iconic beauty with classic style and finesse. And everybody knows those two qualities never go out of vogue.

5. Ballroom Dancing On The Site of a Building

dancers on side of building

Because these two ballroom dancers are just freakin’ awesome to watch!


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