Crushin’ On Cat Eyes

crushin' on cat eyes If you’re not all about cat eyes, now, more than ever, is the time to be. Born from past decades and inspired by Hollywood, cat eye glasses are all about allure and mystique. Their designs not only reflect the look and feel of a hot temptress, but were created to combine with a plethora of basic staple and trendy fashion faves. This Summer is the perfect time to create a balance of sophisticated style and substance. And clear lens eye wear is an addition to your wardrobe you can feel really good about. cat eye glasses From cozy striped unity scarves to off-the-shoulder soft, cotton sweaters, we’re definitely all about crushin’ on cat eyes. Each

style balances ultra sexy frames with your own sense of unique style. Good for stopping traffic? Check. Good for your pocketbook? Absolutely. Good for your closet? Duh.

Shop the collection of brand new, and did we mention very affordable, collection of clear lens beauties over at WCS.

fake glasses

Photos by Styled By Blondie

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