Street Style Beauties

street style beauties

Whether strutting a pair of high falootin’ sunnies that could double as two or going full throttle in head-to-toe couture fashion, we can’t help but feel over-the-top fantastic in WCS replica designer sunglasses and based on how quickly our new Spring/Summer collection has been flying off the shelves, we’re definitely not alone. With more of our best ever designer styles launching this week, we’ve been literally dreaming of high fashion. So whether you’re just out for a beachside stroll or rushing off to the corporate boardroom, these street style beauties are proof that it’s time to take it to a higher level.

Shop the WCS Spring/Summer Designer Collection

replica designer sunglasses


designer sunglasses


round sunglasses


Photos: Xander Vintage

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Color Blind

color blind

Being color blind shouldn’t necessarily be considered a negative thing, which is really excellent news since recently, we’ve been spotting the hottest international fashion trendsetters on the city streets in nothing but black and white ensembles. Uncover your inner style, the yin to your yang, with our new arrival Spring collection of basic monochrome sunglasses and clear lens fashion glasses. And you’ll definitely be turning heads and stopping traffic in no time in black and white and extremely hot all over.

Shop All Monochrome Black New Arrival Sunglasses

black sunglasses


Shop All Monochrome White New Arrival Sunglasses

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Fashion Future

fashion future


This month, we’re looking through clear lens glasses to foretell your fashion future —so you’ll be all spectacular, with no faux-pas. Stay at the top of your game the entire year, especially since it’s going to be packed with plenty of new adventures and discoveries. And find your favorite essential power eye wear (because you can navigate almost anything that comes your way when you’re strutting a head-turning outfit), wayfarers, round frames, and more. Let’s say adieu, or good riddance, to 2014 and ring in the new year with welcoming arms. Bring it, 2015! 


clear lens glasses

 Shop the Wholesale Celebshades Clear Lens Glasses Spring 2015 Collection here!

fake glasses

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Vintage Retro Sunglasses

vintage retro sunglasses


Vintage retro has always been an intrinsic part of Wholesale Celebshades and recently, we’ve got a lot of it. So for some insight on the evolution behind our latest eye wear collection, we consulted our girl Chelsea Dennis (better known as our favorite A-list vintage and retro personal style blogger), Chelseaden. It probably comes as no surprise that it’s all about, “evolve,evolve,evolve” says Chelsea. “All things change and all things must change. This is something I’m slowly coming to terms with and will probably continue coming to terms with for the rest of my life”. And like Chelsea, we know fashion is constantly changing and unfolding from one retro look from yesteryear to the next. She is constantly rummaging flea markets and vintage stores for vintage wash and fit sentiment. And she also looks to eye wear style icons like the Olsens, Jackie O, and Audrey Hepburn for design reference.

Read on to see more of Chelsea’s latest look for your own vintage retro sunglasses inspiration in the new year.

vintage sunglasses

 Find our entire Spring 2015 vintage retro sunglasses collection here.

retro sunglasses

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The Color Black

the color black


Recently, our girl Amanda of Styleynn was working downtown into the night. Her commute included riding the city bus (including a few transfers) with a bunch of sketchy characters; “It was a liability to not look tough on the bus and there was only so much all-black outfits, headphones and a bitch-face could do”. So she figured throwing in a beanie and dark cat eye sunglasses oddly ensured her safety (at least in her mind). The color black carries a lot of connotations. It says ‘don’t bother me — I won’t bother you’ (which is the ideal commuter/fashion babe motto). Above all, Amanda is a self confessed “fashion confessor”. She tells it all in a timeless and functional message. She adores 1950’s black velvet opera coats and high waisted jeans because they represent the perfect balance between vintage and modern.

Find the cat eye sunglasses here.

cat eye sunglasses

Find the complete WCS cat eye sunglasses collection new for Spring here.


mambo cat eye sunglasses



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