Hypnotizing Beauty

hypnotizing beauty


With her elegant frame, nearly perfect features, and messy blonde locks, street style starlet Alanna is quite the hypnotizing beauty. This Canadian-born gal has been an up-and-coming street style blogger favorite of ours since she first started Xander Vintage a few years ago. These days, the Filipino/Croatian/Norwegian—is a mesmerizing mixture of eccentricity and couture—her flair for fashion has been toned down (just a notch) only because these days she spends the better part of her life being a mother to 3 – 1 human and 2 canines. We recently chatted her up during our Fall lookbook shoot to get her take on the top look of 2014. And turns out, this is her top choice for the season featuring a pair of Wholesale Celebshades Trilogy sunglasses.  

vintage sunglasses


retro sunglasses

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Everything Old Is New Again

everything old is new again


We’re usually the first to admit that we look straight to the decades past for style inspiration and it’s particularly noteworthy in our latest look featuring Amanda Hatheway of Styleynn. Our gal Amanda  draws from our favorite classic style icon of the ’60s. Take the photos below of Ms. A and Jackie O. in ensembles exuding looks nothing short of quintessential perfection in elaborately tailored designer suits, pin hats and our Mambo cat eye sunglasses. It just goes to show that everything old is new again—and again, and again, and again…

Shop our entire Fall/Winter cat eye sunglasses collection here.

cat eye sunglasses


vintage sunglasses


Everything Old Is New Again

jackie sunglasses


jackie kennedy sunglasses

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Costume Party

costume party

There’s nothing quite the same as the gratification that comes with a creative Halloween costume. With exactly that in mind, we rounded up some some unique and simple costume party get-ups along with a checklist of all of the pieces you need in order to make the adaptation on the big night. There are only 8 more days until the 31st so get to it, and be super Halloweird.

Super Hero

Multi-colored or sheer body suit and galactic leggings, pink pumps, long scarf for effects, space age jewelry, Wholesale Celebshades Trilogy sunglasses.

flip up sunglasses


Morbid Nurse

Temporary hair dye, fishnet body suit, white skater dress, white platforms, black cape and Wholesale Celebshades flip-up sunglasses.

clubmaster sunglasses

“Life of the Party” Guy

Sense of humor, anything you wouldn’t normally wear in public, and Wholesale Celebshades metal clubmaster sunglasses.


round clear lens glasses


Life at the Penny Arcade

Felt derby hat, crop top, pleated mini skirt, over-the-knee socks, chunky sandals, and Wholesale Celebshades round clear lens glasses.

cat eye sunglasses


Secret Agent

Black turtleneck, trench coat, fingerless gloves, and Wholesale Celebshades cat eye sunglasses.

vintage sunglasses


60’s Bohemian

Floral headpiece, peasant shirt, conch belt, tapestry maxi skirt, wood sole sandals. ethnic jewelry galore, and Wholesale Celebshades vintage sunglasses.

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Punk Rocker: How To Get The Look This Halloween

punk rocker


When we get the rare chance to go completely over-the-top with a radical new look, we make sure to run with it (and at max speed, to say the least). So, with Halloween around the corner, and a brand new line of badass clear lens eye wear styles on our hands, there’s no better time to gather inspiration from one of our favorite and most authoritative muses, Melissa Creider, AKA Neon Queen. Melissa’s glam take on punk is our alter ego dream come true where she rocks a pair of Wholesale Celebshades Easton big square clear lens glasses, which we may or may not be styling long after Halloween is over…

Read on to find out how to get the look!

clear lens glasses


1. Give your lips some bold color and outlined with a bright red lip pencil.

2. Raid your lingerie closet for a silky pj top and thigh high lace stockings.

3. Fill in with a strappy graphic tank top and sky high platforms.

4. Add some major ‘tude.

5. Et Voilà! You’re a modern day punk rocker. For the final touch, layer up on some Wholesale Celebshades’ big unique clear lens glasses and add an edgy hairstyle to rev up your bad self to the max.

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Indian Summer in L.A.

indian summer


This past weekend we ran into Drew Scott in the heart of downtown L.A. and the sun was so warm—it was the quintessential Indian Summer. There were football games happening inside all the local cafes. But we went for a table on the street so we could people watch. There’s a guitar strumming in the background and every person who passes has spoken to us. Turns out, Drew loves being in the middle of all the big city action. He loves being a gypsy. And he never wants to quit, at least not for now. As a matter of fact he’s planning his next big move to NYC in the near future, where everything is always changing and there’s so much to see and do. He loves fashion and was nice enough to snap these photos throughout the day in his urban street style ensemble featuring a pair of WCS Iconic metal clubmaster sunglasses.

Find the new Fall arrival WCS Iconic metal clubmaster collection here.

clubmaster sunglasses



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Wispy Florals

wispy florals


With her sun-kissed brunette hair, angel-like features, and wispy florals wardrobe, it’s easy to nurture the fantasy that Viktoriya Sener lives in a magical realm where life is a magical garden and sushi is her only form of sustenance. But don’t be bamboozzled—she’s not all roses and innocence. The Istanbul-based model/personal style blogger—who starred in many of our “hot new looks for Fall” has more to voice than just the fact that she adores fashion. Viktoriya is quickly establishing herself as a prominent European trendsetter. See these recent behind-the-scenes snaps from our shoot where she features a pair of Wholesale Celebshades Ka-Bloom vintage sunglasses specially designed to keep warm weather and pops of color alive through the upcoming cooler months.

Find the entire Ka-Bloom vintage sunglasses collection here.

tie bow tie257a


tie bow tie257b

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Naked Girls Night – Meet Amanda

In the second installment of her Wholesale Celebshades Fall blog diary, Styleynn’s Amanda Hatheway gets deep about her passion for photography, her college paranormal investigations club, and “Naked Girls Night”. Read more below:

naked girls night


WCS: Do you have a special interest or hobby that you’d like to tell us about?
Amanda: Well, I’ve always been known as a creative gal since I was a little girl. I draw and paint, but I cvs pharmacy san diego enjoy it most when I’m not doing it entirely for myself. When I was fifteen, I worked a summer job to pay for my first DSLR, and portrait photography has been a passion ever since. I hope to focus more on fine art and film photography in the future when I have more funds and a more stable schedule. My facebook page is Ammalynn, so find me there if you want to keep up with my art and style blog!
WCS: What do you do for fun in your spare time?
Amanda: I’m always trying to do something I see as productive. Productivity ranges from Pinterest-ing ideas for art projects, to (perpetually) editing photos, exercising, exploring nature while listening to folk music, researching new (and old) music via Spotify, reading, or spending time with my partner and friends (including animals). I often have a show or movie on in the room when I’m doing simple computer things at night. Lately, the Golden Girls series has kept me amused, and 1970’s horror films from Netflix have been a particular aesthetic inspiration.
WCS: What are some really fun things to do around your hometown?
Amanda: Well, my favorite thing to do in Portland is trade clothes at the vintage stores on Hawthorne Blvd. The vast majority of my wardrobe is traded or second hand — not bought outright. Vintage shopping is pretty great around here, as well as thrifting — which are not always for the faint of heart in any city. Another great place to find deals at is Scrap — they have organized assortments of fabric (which I get for backdrops), office, art , crafting and other random supplies that are insanely cheap. Obviously I’m into deals. Otherwise, exploring the nature around here can be so inspiring — even a car drive out to Oregon City quickly turned into seeing the prettiest sunset over an open reservoir.
WCS: What is one interesting thing about you that you want to share with our readers?
Amanda: I try to think about and question everything. Feminism and veganism has opened my eyes to so many problems in the world that I can try to combat personally. While there is so much out of my hands with so many issues, doing anything — big or small — to work towards a peaceful and healthier earth helps and it makes me feel good to make some sort of a difference. Even planting a question in someone’s mind can help for the betterment of the world. Life is challenging and there is so much to learn, but not being ignorant is something I am vigilant about.
WCS: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Amanda: Hm…. Maybe joining the Paranormal Investigations club in college? I wanted to seek answers and see paranormal occurrences for myself (obviously I was inspired by The X-Files [which I prefer to watch in the dark with red wine])…. But something that could controversially be seen as “crazy” that I have participated in is “Naked Girl’s Night.” The apostrophe stresses the ownership of night, which females are conditioned to be wary of. I believe the http://viagraonlinepharmacy-best.com/ naked body should not be so offensive or sexualized as it is in dangerous of viagra many cultures (especially in America). Naked Girl’s Night is a celebration of the female form that my close friends and I created. We go to a remote area and (basically) frolic nude under the moon without judgement cast upon our bodies nor sexualization of any buy generic viagra online kind. It’s exercising freedom. It really strengthened my body image and reminded me of the immortalized nudes of art history. Bodies generic cialis for sale should be seen as the beautiful vessel they are. A lot of people will think Naked Girl’s Night is crazy because it’s still risky, but I know there will be others who will read about it and be inspired because it’s basically “streaking” for a cause: empowerment over our own bodies; if that’s crazy, then so be it!


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Awesome Quotes: Just Sayin’

awesome quotes This week’s words of wisdom come courtesy of Baron Von Fancy, the royal master of awesome quotes. Because we’re all about going with the flow and reveling in the good times, too. Follow the

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Baron for more of his cheeky insights @baronvonfancy.

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Katy Perry-meets-Audrey Hepburn

katy perry

Fashion blogger, Ammalyn, isn’t just a classic beauty—she’s a freakishly talented style maven too. Whether it’s because of her ever evolving unique sophistication, her slightly edgy Katy Perry-meets-Audrey Hepburn style, or the pure fact that she’s one of the most fascinating and brilliant girls in the fashion world today. And we know you’re going to fall for her too. See it all for yourself with Wholesale Celebshades’ exclusive premiere of her newest look featuring a pair of our vintage Kat cat eye sunglasses, featured in the most recent post over on her blog, Styleynn. So what are you waiting for….head on over and check her out!

Find the new Fall collection of WCS Kat eye sunglasses here.


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