Ultra Feminine: The Mirrored Aviator

mirrored aviator


The mirrored aviator: it’s a wardrobe essential every girl needs. But as basic and necessary as they are, they can be a bit difficult to style (if you don’t want to look like one of the guys, that is). We recently recruited personal style blogger and Kazakhstan native Diana Horsfall of Different Cands for her styling expertise.

What could be more sexy than the ultra feminine mirrored aviator



There’s nothing more classic than a sleek pair of mirrored aviators. Keep it casual (but not too sporty) with a tossled up-do and cherry red lips. You can still go ultra feminine with sexy graphic leggings, sky high black wedges, and layering an easy tank top and oversize sweater. It’s actually one of the easiest fashion accessories to dress up or dress down.

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Hottest Summer: GIF

hottest summer

Do you remember your hottest Summer?

Everyone loves a good red hot GIF, which is why we decided to capture our girl Muchacha Mary and memories of the hottest Summer yet at our VIP headquarters this weekend. It was definitely a mega scorcher but we caught her fun and lively frame-by-frame appearance complete with a pair of Wholesale Celebshades gold metal visor sunglasses designed to shade her gorgeous peeps. We love how she makes a pair of distressed jeans, Adidas flip-flops and a plaid oversize work shirt look sexy!

See the entire WCS Fall collection here. 

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Behind The Scenes With Hannah Riles

behind the scenes


Wear them big or wear them small—either way, Wholesale Celebshades round sunglasses collection is all about flattering every face shape with classic perfection. Our newest blogger babe and resident apparel merchandiser, Hannah Riles, takes us behind the scenes and schools us on how to coordinate a classic round sunglasses ensemble with your everyday lifestyles in mind. Hannah goes for a comfortable look that speaks class and sophistication. She’s not playing around here. She’s definitely all about taking a look, putting her own individual twist on it and strutting it with the utmost of confidence.

Find the WCS complete round sunglasses collection for Fall 2014 here.


Behind The Scenes

round sunglasses

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Eat Play Love: This Week’s Mantra

eat play love

Just sayin’ – If

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you wanna be happy just follow these three simple steps…eat play love!

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A Legend In Time

a legend in time   It’s usually not a good thing to compare yourself to others. But who said anything about comparing your favorite bloggers to your

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favorite art? The legendary R-tizt (pronounced: Artizt) is the image guru behind this colorful fashion illustration (featuring Alanna of Xander Vintage) and a whimsical blog that celebrates his love of art, music and fantasy. R-tizt has been on our radar for quite some time, but we recently got the UK-based artizt to tell the story of how he became a legend in time!

As the story goes: Once upon a time on a stormy day in elementary school while sitting in his damp, cold art class, the silence in the room revealed a heavy sense of tension in the air. And suddenly, the room filled with grey smoke and the eerie ghost of Van Gogh appeared before their very eyes and everyone froze. They could see the fury in his deep incandescent red eyes and an intonation of revenge. He lunged toward the art teacher, drew his mighty sword, and R-tizt hastened toward the ghost taking a massive leap as he pulled out the Parker pen from his side pocket. He drove the pen directly through his ghostly body, severing his back and destroying his soul. The room was illuminated as the ghost faded and the other children began to cheer. And from that day forth he was known as the legendary R-tizt. It is true what they say, the pen IS mightier than the sword.


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Good News

Good news—everything in this world eventually makes its way around again, one way or another! At least that’s the case with our new and re-worked place to buy viagra vintage collection. Our exclusive collection of round styles, pastel tinted lenses and metal frames are inspired by the ’60 and also serves as a directions for taking viagra reminder that reality doesn’t necessarily bite all the time. side effects of 5mg cialis Availability is limited, so snag up the hottest styles of the season now while you still can!

Find the round pastel tinted Lennon style shades here. good news


Good News: Re-worked Vintage Styles Are Here

Shop the collection cialisfordailyuse-dosage.com here.

vintage sunglasses

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Playing Games

Dress them up or dress them all the way down—either way, Wholesale Celebshades’ Vamp retro cat eye sunglasses are all about giving you a supreme lift. Our newest blogger babe, Linda Lind, styled these sleek cat eye shades specifically with YOUR eyes in mind, “I hate looking just like the next girl,” she says. “I want unique statement eyewear that conforms to my current mood. I’m not playing amateur games here.” So recently we caught up with Linda to get a glimpse of her incredible singing talent. And needless to say we were super impressed! Check her latest awe-mazing music video below!

Playing Games In Vamp Cat Eye Shades

playing games


cat eye sunglasses

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Secret Tour: San Clemente

We’re definitely not authorities on what makes a book a good book, but we do know what we like. We still sometimes spend endless hours in the back corners of secondhand book stores perusing our favorites. The fiction rejuvenates our imaginations and usually turns into one of the most enjoyable afternoon escapes ever. This week we sat down with the one and only blonde and brainy bombshell Brittany Leland and got the deets on her favorite books of the summer and she takes us on a secret tour of the very best little bookstores, cafes, boutiques and pastries to die for in her quaint hometown of San Clemente. Read more below:

Find Brittany’s clubmaster clear lens glasses here.

secret tour


WCS: What do you enjoy most, fiction or nonfiction?
Brittany: Fiction books are my favorite! I also love historical fictions.
WCS: What is your favorite read for a long weekend escape?
Brittany:  For a long weekend escape I always reach for a book that has many different parts to keep my interest.  I love a book that has a little bit of romance, but also action and adventure.
WCS: What were your favorite books of the summer? 
Brittany: This summer I’ve had several favorites,  I’ve been catching up on books that I know are being turned into films!  I’ve loved The Fault in Our Stars (John Green), If I stay (Gayle Forman), The Giver (Lois Lowry), and the Maze Runner (James Dashner).  Most of these feature a little bit of romance but have the sense of adventure that keeps the book exciting.
WCS: What are your all-time 5 favorite book picks?
Brittany: 5 all time favorites? Thats so hard! Well I’ll start with the fact that I am a total Harry Potter nerd.  I’ve read the series dozens of times, been to the book and movie premieres and I even secretly have a Pottermore account. (tehehe!)  Aside from that books that I’ve always loved and still reach for include Looking for Alaska (John Green), Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite (Paul Arden), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky), and The Uglies Trilogy (Scott Westerfield)!
WCS: Tell us a bit about what you love about your hometown, ie. best book stores, coffee houses and boutiques.
Brittany:  I love my hometown. Coming from a little beach town called San Clemente there are so many hidden coffee shops and second hand book stores.  My favorite brunch spot is called Ellie’s Table and it’s right on the beach. They have amazing lattes and pastries and I love walking down to the beach with a book and lounging in the sun.  My favorite bookstore is called the Village Bookstore.  They have a huge selection of books and a cat named Harry who is everyone’s best friend.  On a rainy day I always find my way in there breathing in the familiar scent of books and cozying up in one of their many oversized arm chairs. it is one of the most welcoming and friendly places I’ve been. As far as boutiques Del Mar street is a part of downtown San Clemente and it is lined with boutiques and surf shops and amazing restaurants.  My favorite is Bliss. It has a super simplistic aesthetic and features cozy knits in the winter and so many dresses for summer.
There are so many things in my hometown that you can’t find anywhere else and I absolutely love San Clemente for that!
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Fall Lookbook: Perfect Pair of Glasses

Colorful textures, classic (and not so classic) leather, and a playful mood—what could be a better fit with our new collection of clear lens glasses? Because we know that the perfect pair of glasses should always look and feel great no matter where your day takes you, we made the commitment to put ours to the ultimate test. From country walks to city hustle, Wholesale Celebshades’ new clear lens fashion glasses passed with rave reviews. Still skeptical? Check out our behind the scenes snaps from our Fall lookbook!

Find the WCS Fall clear lens glasses collection here.

fall lookbook


computer glasses


cat eye glasses


Park Slope Round Glasses


Wood reading glasses


Fake Glasses


wayfarer glasses


Clear Lens Cat Eye Glasses


round clear lens glasses


clear lens cat eye glasses


fake glasses


flip up glasses


round glasses


round cat eye glasses

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