Are You Too Sexy?

Just Sayin’: Are You Too Sexy?

too sexy

We all have a bad day once in a while but with a few thoughtful questions you can take the situation into your own hands. Okay—there’s actually only one good question to be asking yourself when you’re feeling like an unloved stepchild, whether it’s in aspiration of or taking control of one’s own dignity. If you want answers you’ve just got to ask yourself, “am I too sexy?”—makes sense right? And as much as you leave your destiny in the hands of certain undeserving cads, sometimes you get an itch in an instant of impetuous grandeur to prove them all wrong!

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Signature Look: Mirrored Aviators

Have you ever noticed that most trendsetters have their own list of top outfit “must-haves” and

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the same items always make the cut? It usually goes something like this… a basic white shirt, a great pair of jeans, a traffic stopping little black dress, signature earrings, and most definitely a pair of classic aviator sunglasses. signature look While aviators are known to flatter any face shape, they’re also seductively masculine. They’re actually a classic similar to the boyfriend jacket or the trench coat (two more killer fashion essentials — and we’ve forever been consumed with them. They’re unpretentious and practical. And the best part is they complement almost any day time ensemble. mirrored aviator sunglasses   Diana of Different Cands likes to wear hers together with a pair of feminine dangle earrings, creating an effortless signature look in a moment’s notice. Even on her most casual days a pair of aviator shades can jazz up any look. A sexy crop top and bright orange pants go from adorable to smokin’ hot in a flash. And mirrored lenses add a little mystery to an otherwise boring tinted lens.

Find the entire WCS aviator sunglasses collection here.

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Authentic Vibe: Meet Sera Brand

Over the past few years 70’s ethnic bohemian pieces have become must-have fashion accessories for some of the most stylish trendsetters around. And Sera Brand has been able to capture the authentic vibe of that time in history with her latest look featuring a unique southwestern belt and rings, floral headwrap and a sweet pair of WCS metal octagon sunglasses.  

We asked the Oahu based personal style blogger to dish on her hip life in Chinatown and her picks for night life, live entertainment and dive diners. Read more below:


authentic vibe


WCS: What activities are you involved in outside of personal style bloggin?

Sera: I am also a fashion designer! I earned a degree in fashion design in spring 2013! I enjoy creating my own designs from the sketches to the final product.

WCS:  How have you been spending your summer?

Sera: I have been mostly blogging, shopping and going to the beach! I also shot two of my new collections, photos are up on my blog!

WCS:  What is one interesting thing about you that you want to share with our readers?

Sera: I used to be the visual merchandiser at Hawaii’s American Apparel! I had so much fun working there.

WCS:  Tell us a bit about your hometown and best kept secrets for entertainment, night life and restaurants.

Sera: I currently live in Chinatown in Honolulu. The best restaurants here in my opinion is lucky belly and downbeat diner! Lucky belly has some delicious ramen and a cool hip environment. Down beat diner is a rocker diner that has good food and great milkshakes! The other half of downbeat diner is a lounge where they have local bands play shows. There’s also a bar worth mentioning called The Dragon Upstairs. It is a live jazz bar that is very upbeat and is a great place to visit during chinatowns first Friday night events.

octagon sunglasses


vintage metal sunglasses

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DIY Sunglasses: Dream Shades

Cat eye sunglasses have forever been our go-to shades to strut with anything from floral dresses to our favorite jeans. The only way to enhance perfection is to take things into your own hands with a fun and easy DIY sunglasses project. It’s time to break out the glue gun and loads of glittery jewels to transform them into your favorite dream shades. And if you’re just not ready to part with your classic black cat eyes, just add a few understated accents to make them stand out in the crowd.

Find the entire WCS cat eye sunglasses collection here to get started on your DIY.

diy sunglasses

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Neon Queen

For most of us, L.A. in the summertime evokes visions of overcrowded beaches, Hollywood and perfect weather. Somehow, Melissa Creider has free viagra samples without purchase shown us a different side of the City of Angels in her latest photo shoot in an old abandoned cialis for sale online zoo. This was once a place bustling with moms and dads precio de la pastilla cialis en mexico and energetic children running around full of excitement. And now all that remains here are online pharmacy viagra slabs of concrete covered in graffiti. We caught up with The Neon Queen to get her unusual take on an interesting life lesson. “Sometimes to grow, I think we have to burn down what we’ve built and start fresh somewhere else. It’s not that what we created was bad…it’s just that we didn’t get it right the first time. So we gotta let it go, burn viagra fiyat one down, learn from our mistakes, and start again.”

Find the purple retro shades here.

neon queen precios del viagra


purple retro sunglasses


retro sunglasses



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Freedom Of Expression

It takes a well trained eye for color to master the art of putting together a creative ensemble. And ever since top fashion icons started dissing the matchy-matchy trend and freedom of expression became a thing we’ve found our new alter egos. And they definitely like walking on the wilder side. To find out how to rock the free-spirited look without going full-blown color crazed, we called Alanna of Xander

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Vintage to ever so cleverly employ a few variations of blue for this gorgeous look. Be sure to follow her over on her blog for even more awesome looks.

Find the sunglasses here. freedom of expression

  vintage round sunglasses   round sunglasses

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Perpetual Fireballs

perpetual fireballs cvs pharmacy wilmington nc  

Perpetual Fireballs In Outer Space

Wearing a pair of sunglasses with tinted

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irridescent revo lenses is

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like walking through perpetual fireballs in outer space. Like a red-hot dome of out-of-control flames, they’re slightly rebellious, kinda retro, and more than anything else, cathartic. In a nfl players and viagra few short words, revo shades are nothing short of portable entertainment and definitely command quite an enthusiastic audience. So we decided to straight up encourage you to hit the streets and put on a traffic stopping show. (Photos courtesy of Faissal Yartaa).

Find the entire WCS revo lens sunglasses collection here.

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Timeless Trends

The past few decades were good for a lot of questionable things (a few examples: My Space, Furbies and The Spice Girls), but this time in history also put out a few timeless trends. Heading up the list are oversize round sunglasses (along with bell sleeves, gladiator sandals, and dome rings, of course – photo courtesy of Muchacha Mary). If you didn’t own at least one pair of round sunnies at any given times you were practically insignificant. And please don’t get us going on the smaller versions of small round metal shades. If you had these, you were definitely the bomb.

Shop the entire WCS round sunglasses collection.

timeless trends


round sunglasses

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City Trends: Take On The Town In Designer Sunglasses

City Trends: Designer Sunglasses

Take on the town in a pair of retro style Number One designer sunglasses. city trends

Can’t afford the authentic designer sunglasses price tag? Not to worry. Wholesale Celebshades carries an extensive line of amazing designer inspired sunglasses to fit any budget. Find your favorite cat eye and oversize round styles. And just in case that’s not enough, check out our new designer clear lens glasses collection.

number one sunglasses

Designer styles are available in multiple color selections too. And at our crazy low prices, we can’t think of a reason not to go on an eyewear shopping frenzy!


See what’s new in our designer shop.

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