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Sunglasses Giveaway Winners

Enter our Sweepstakes and you could win a pair of free sunglasses.

 If  your name is on the list below that means you are one of our lucky winners, congratulations! Please contact us at: help@wholesalecelebshades.com to claim the sunglasses of your choice. Be sure to include your style number and color preference along with your preferred shipping address. Claim your prize today!

Noel Conley

Gina Arellano

Tom Ventura

Taylor Dane

Jackie Maccullough

Jasmine Leonard

Katie Gewecke

Lisa Labella

Austen Rossi

Julianna Alyse

Karlene Hanlon

Esmi Regelado

Darci Meade

Michael Azel

Denise Fair

Gigi Ocate

Damir Weaver

Maureen Tully

Jack Keenan

Herb Aponte

Matt Ferree

Katherine Harper

Tamara Lavender

Ronate King

Diana Greathouse

Sherry Dionne

Peggie Klink

Gerald Pollock

Matt McGuire

Chris Mineo

Belinda Bell

Tojo Tread

Ann Huston Mills

Effie Cassa

Mary Suppin

Merrie Scully

Diane Shendnovich

Mae Evans-Lee

Pam Tufts

Dallas Miller

Paul Bartoszek

Michael Hardy

Fara Herrera

Carolyn Mutchler-calloway

Kirk Scheibe

Doug Grabowski

Jose Toledo

Heidi Helmick

Deirdre Jones

Thomas Reed

Rhonda Barrett

Lona Renwick

Susan Defoe

Anita Boeckmann

Samantha Dunn

Jason Bartlett

Jesse Stansel

Shannon Hurt

Debra Albright

Janine Horn

Paul Mims

Kori Gillen

Jared Fitch

Vera Hilbert

Jammi Cumber

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Clear Fashion Glasses Are Here To Stay

wcs clear vintage1

The increase in sightings of geek glasses is becoming more prominent every day. And apparently the trend is not going away anytime soon. Big names such as Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West are strutting clear fashion glasses more and more. The traditional look of clear wayfarers or rimless glasses has taken it up a notch from just plain boring to fashion on steroids. The look of the nerdy high school whiz kid, once a target for ridicule, is back in all its fury. Non prescription glasses in today’s world of fashion are all about creating an image and sunglasses with clear lenses are perfect for finishing any fashion statement.

About 5-10 years ago young fashion conscious guys and girls started gravitating toward geek-type style, like thick-framed glasses, suspenders, and unique t-shirts.  and now the look of the total geek is totally embraced! The more unique traits a fashion accessory flaunts, the better. This normally translates into extreme color and one-of-a-kind style. To sum it all up, trailblazing frame design with irridescent or clear frame details are expected to become the rage, especially when they are combined with vintage old sunglasses styling.

Lucky for you, WholesaleCelebshades.com is THE place to buy fake glasses. Whether you are looking for chunky nerd frames from the 80’s, or traditional clear wayfarer glasses we have the full range of accessories in stock. Browse our selection of new and old styles now and pick out a few pair to rock your own unique style today.

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Say Hello Sunshine In Stand-Out Retro Sunglasses

july 1 2013

Temperatures are rising and the days are longer. As we head outdoors to play, stand-out retro sunglasses finally have their place in the sun. Wholesale Celebshades is ready to rock-n-roll by offering our customers only the most unique and exciting styles. Whether it be small round sunglasses or cateye sunglasses you were looking for, then your search is over. Here are a few of our featured styles trending this summer:

Round Sunglasses like our Ozzy Small Round Color Tinted Sunglasses  have received rave reviews, and for good reason. Large, as well as small round sunglasses are popping up all over the fashion runways in a variety of sizes and colors.

Wayfarer sunglasses have held their own in the fashion test of time. The biggest trend right now is a color twist on this classic style. Wayfarers like our Loud & Clear style are sure to be fashionable for many seasons to come.

Cateye Sunglasses are back. And, in this case, size does not matter. Styles like our Fantasia Rhinestone frame take on a soft, feminine quality and flatter any face shape.

To see all our brand new styles for the upcoming season, head over to WholesaleCelebshades.com. And at prices all under $25 you can have your pick of multiple styles to rock.

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