How To: Buy Glasses for Big Heads

How To: Buy Glasses for Big Heads

–Philip J Reed on behalf of Stetson

Men’s eyewear is an always evolving topic.  Like any other element of fashion, styles change with the years.  Different regions may have their own cultural norm, and of course every individual man shopping for glasses will have his own preferences and needs as well.  That makes for a lot of options, but now toss in an additional wrench:  what if you have a particularly large head?  Now, suddenly, there’s that much more that needs to be considered.

Some of you might laugh, but irregular sizes of any type of clothing or accessory can pose a problem for those who require them.  Off-the-shelf sizes may not fit comfortably or appropriately, and specialized sizes may be difficult to find or prohibitively expensive.  While no human being could possibly be said to be “just right,” it’s a fact that many people require sizes that are simply too large or too small to be easily obtainable.

So what happens then?  It’s a valid question, so let’s take a look at the facts.

Most designer glasses on the market today cater to people with head sizes that are under 142 mm wide. The lens is usually less than 64 mm across, and the average bridge size is 18 mm. Having a head that is larger than average means that off-the-shelf glasses usually don’t fit correctly. The solution, however, is not to locate the biggest pair of lenses. Glasses for big heads should have a sleek look with longer arms, wider lenses and broader bridges.

When your head size is larger than average, you need frames that are big enough to stand out without overwhelming your face. Frames that are labeled as Large might not fit correctly if the proportions are off. This is why it’s important to get an accurate size measurement before you shop. You can find your perfect glasses size by measuring a pair that fits you well. Measure the width of the lens and bridge as well as the length of the temple. Add the width of both lenses together, plus the bridge, to get your frame width size.

At Stetson, our Stetson XL line is specifically designed for big heads. The collection caters to the masculine man who wants to look stylish without spending a fortune. Men with larger heads should look for glasses with the XL label.

Glasses made by Stetson XL feature the latest trends for eyewear, including thicker arms, thinner frames and unifit bridges. Many of them come with the choice of several frame colors.

Not only are the lenses the appropriate size for a large face, but the stems are also longer. Stetson frames won’t create a bug-eyed appearance because they are designed to frame and flatter the eyes. Aviator-style lenses are appropriate for larger heads. The Buddy Holly-style frames are also good glasses for big heads. Overall, the key to finding the best-fitting glasses online is to look for the XL label and find the correct frame measurements for your face.

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