Glass Lens Sunglasses

Glass lens sunglasses are preferred by many people as they are most often well made and the lenses are more substantial than plastic lenses. Check out the round sunglasses with lens of glass here at See eyewear from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. WowVintage has the largest selection of giant vintage sunglasses and clear lens glasses on the internet.

Glass Lens Sunglasses

Glass lens round sunglasses

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Costume Wear In Time For Halloween

Costume wear for halloween from has arrived. Check out the geek fashion and hipster eyewear from the 70’s.

Hipster Eyewear

Hipster Eyewear

WowVintage also has a giant vintage selection of nerd sunglasses from the 60’s. See eyewear worn by icons like John Lennon.

Costume Wear

Costume wear from the 60’s.


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Shopping For Your Perfect Sunglasses

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses for the warm weather season? Not sure what shapes or colors are best for your face and skin type? You’re not alone. All the choices out there in the marketplace can leave a person feeling confused. Here are a few points to consider while shopping for your perfect pair of shades.

Take a few minutes to think about the activities you’ll be taking part in this summer. Do you need a good pair of sport sunglasses? Are you wanting to make a splash at the beach? Or maybe you need a stylish pair of vintage glasses or non prescription glasses to accent your unique wardrobe. Knowing where you’ll wear your new sunglasses will really go a long way in helping you make your perfect choice.

Sunglasses should provide plenty of protection against harmful UV rays. Look for styles that provide 400UV protection so you’ll not only look great but you’ll be keeping your eyes healthy for years to come.

Think about the colors and shapes that flatter you. Maybe you have a “signature” color or you’re creating an image from a certain frame shape. Maybe you’re re-creating the look of your favorite celebrity. If you want to keep your sunglasses for years to come, consider investing in a classic pair of black or brown frames.

Comfort is another thing to think about. Spring arm hinges and soft nose guards always provide extra comfort and quality to a pair of sunglasses. If you’re going to be wearing your glasses for long periods of time this is definitely a factor to be sure you don’t overlook.

Now that you’ve thought about your perfect pair of sunglasses…happy shopping!

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Non Prescription Glasses

All styles of clear lens are non prescription glasses with zero lens magnification. Reading glasses are eye-catching glasses that show off your own individual style. You can wear them to work or when you are hanging out with your friends. Designer and vintage reading glasses will be sure to keep everyone looking.

70s and 80s styles include oversized yellow lens shooters, mellow metal sport club masters and dark ski sunglasses. See amazing Jack-Attach Shield Glasses or even become an alien with space age wraps. With vintage sunglasses you can select the flip-top clear lens sunglasses. Choose from excellent brands such as Menagerie, Moonbeam, Elliott and Roxie. Get name brand quality at very low prices. Non prescription glasses have the perfect look to take you from daytime casual to dressy afternoon special occasions and straight into the night club scene.

No matter which sports you participate in, you need eye wear that is not going to get in the way of your game. Sport sunglasses are designed to be lightweight, yet sturdy to withstand some rough play. They will also block unhealthy sun rays to keep your eyes protected during those long hours outdoors. Even purchase some super cool Cobra Vintage Metal Sport Sunglasses. The possibilities are endless. So whatever your game, stay competitive with a good pair of sport shades.

You can even purchase some non prescription sunglasses that have been worn by very famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga. If don’t really care what kind of glasses you get but you really want some in your favorite color, there is a special category just for you! Shop by color and you will discover the best sunglasses for your needs. Find your very own sunglasses with simplicity and ease.non prescription glasses

There are crazy costume-like styles, and elegant designer inspired frames. Look for funky vintage glasses to demure skinny frames. Choose sunglasses that give you the understated look or find sunglasses that really show everyone that you like to party. Sunglasses change from season to season so the easiest way to stay in style is to buy new sunglasses!

For reading glasses look for the latest fashion trends or go back to the olden days. Choose from wayfarer frames, edgy retro readers or designer frames. You can still read a classic book in an up to date style. Shop wisely, because you can always find great discounts on non prescription glasses, clear lens sunglasses, and reading glasses. Take your time and look around and we are certain you will find the best sunglasses for your needs.

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Round Sunglasses

Our round sunglasses provide our customers with exceptional style as well as comfort for everyday tasks. We offer clear lens, tinted retro spectacles, big or small round sunglasses, round metal glasses, vintage round glasses, or flip-ups. The possibilities are endless with Wholesale Celeb Shades. Choose from Ashley’s Super Big Brown sunglasses or the Camden vintage round clear lens glasses. We offer many assorted colors to choose from. Some are big lenses with small frames and others big frames with small lenses. We are sure you will find what you are looking for. Our vast collection of round sunglasses keeps our customers happy on a continuous basis. Wholesale Celeb Shades provides excellent customer service with low prices and flat rate shipping. Shop now!round sunglasses

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