Clear Glasses Frames

Our clear glasses frames provide our customers with excellent quality at superb prices. We only supply the best top rated products submitted by our customers. All styles are non prescription with zero lens magnification. We offer thick clear lens frames like the Johnny’s Thick Wayfarer and Rim Clear designs. Both are at low prices of $18.95 and $17.95. You can also choose from our vintage style clear glasses frames like the School Teacher Metal or the Honor Student Round Metal. Both at $17.75 and $16.75. We offer endless possibilities and we are sure you will find the product that best suits you and your style. If you are feeling extreme you can select the Bubbles Gaga Wraps of assorted colors like yellow, blue and black at $17.75. Last but not least you can purchase our flip-top clear lens sunglasses at the low price of $18.95. See photo below. We are sure you will not find lower prices any where else for the quality of clear glasses frames you will receive. We offer flat rate shipping on all of our clear glasses frames as well as all of our other products. Wholesale Celeb Shades is the only retailer you need for all of your eye wear needs. Shop now at!

fliptop clear lens sunglasses

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